A warm welcome to my site.


Here I have tried to express my love of wood, and the exciting and varied finishes that can be achieved. I am fascinated in the texture and form of wood and its ability to be moulded from something so simple into beautiful and practical objects.

Born and brought up in Cornwall; my creative interest in wood began at an early age, developing from model making to practical applications. In addition to woodturning I have handmade and carved rocking horses.

Daily I try and find and expand my experience with alternative methods of creating new and interesting Segmented, Laminated and Stacked items. I believe that wood is so versatile and varied in colour that I never colour, paint or dye my wood…. ‘Let the wood itself express the colour’. Apart from wood I also use other materials such as Birch Ply, Acrylic, and Corian

My hope is that within the site you will find something that interests you.  Each piece is individual ; no two pieces are identical.

I will always try and interpret what you would like and then recreate it in the wood or other material that will please you. Be that ornamental or to fill a specific purpose.

My work has been exhibited in Galleries in Great Missenden, Clevedon, and Bristol.

I am a member of The Segmented Woodturners of America. To improve my skills and knowledge in the various aspects of Segmented Woodturning I have travelled to America, and learnt from some of the world’s experts on the subject


Contact me and let’s work together.